Lucid Living is a world view that sees LIFE as a Loving, Instructional, Fun Experience. It is also the process of bridging waking, dreaming, and other states of consciousness and integrating the benefits. In this grand game of Lucid Living, we can approach each experience as direct feedback about how well our daily dreams, thoughts, words and actions are aligned with the optimal blueprint for our life that calls to us from deeper levels. When we are aligned and in harmony with this blueprint, it allows us to develop our greatest talents and express our best qualities. It also brings us an unmatched sense of peace within, and attracts into our experience the most fulfilling events from the infinite field of possibilities. Lucid Living is an adventure game of sorts, a large-scale scavenger hunt with our life lessons as the clues, tools, and also the treasures we need to gather along the way. Our nightly dreams and daytime intuitions are like an inner compass and perhaps even a magic carpet of sorts that guide and propel us towards each new place on our journey. The main prize (which can be won by everyone, and even before the end of the game) is to fully love ourselves and others, and joyfully express our intrinsic gifts and natural creative essence. Lucid Living builds upon the analogy that life, in many regards, is like an ongoing dream whose shapes, each day, return. In a nutshell, the goal is to grow into a state of awareness, like becoming conscious or lucid within a dream, whereby we re-cognize this lovely big sensory carnival of life for what it is, and also realize the various roles we play within and beyond it. By organically cultivating this expanded perspective and yet maintaining a balanced lifestyle, greater safety and freedom can grow within this “Waking Dream” that we call life. We can begin to evolve individually and collectively, and experience considerably greater fulfillment, self-expression and lasting joy.

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